Manangement Consultation

Are you stuck with a stubborn problem at your facility?

Everything seems to work perfectly but you can’t realize your desired outcome? Or just want to delegate a burden on us.

Al Jeion Foundation's skilled team of consultants are experts in finding gaps and Masters in resolving them.

We help your company identify options and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advise on additional techniques to maximize your current resources. We plan and execute projects with the goal of becoming more efficient and profitable. We will be working with your company’s leadership to assess the company, identify problems, gather information, and implement solutions. So we can eventually help you solve issues, create values, maximize growth, improve business performance and ultimately satisfy your customers. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise to help an organization develop any special skills that are prescribed for success.
which reflects on increased profits, better systems, and improved efficiency.

A project will usually go through the following steps

What Problem are we going to solve?

Know exactly what problems the company is facing. We will be presenting
the problem and understanding why is it considered a problem and discover
its impact and consequences.

How are we going to investigate this problem?

What strategies and techniques are we going to implement to solve
the issue according to the problem defined, divide the problem into its
parts, and therefore provides an overview for both consulting team
and the company

What does our data show?

Obtain information for a competent diagnosis of the problem by asking
questions, analyzing behaviors, and engaging employees, know what
the causes are and how it affects the operations

What is the best solution according to our data and expertise?

Develop recommendations for the client. These recommendations should answer the problem
defined at the beginning of the project together with the client. the recommendations presented
to the client are brief, specific, and justified as needed. Alternate solutions are discussed and a
final decision is made by the client.

Enact positive change based on the recommendations.

We extend our services beyond what is being provided, as we work with the
client on the implementation of the recommendations through guidance,
support, and hand-in-hand Implementation. Once the client is satisfied with
the results, periodic visits will be proposed to followup and make sure the
implementation is effective.