Professional Training & Development

In today’s business world, unanticipated challenges can occur at any time. Are you able to respond to these challenges with competency, intelligence, and strategy? If you are interested in improving your management or leadership skills, productivity, and employees’ skills and needs, our training programs will be the perfect choice for you. Al Jeon strong faculty of experts and competent trainers focuses on high productivity training . Knowing that learning basics are essential to understanding any subject, yet accquiring a specific craft requires tangible results from those learning outcomes. Therefore, Al Jeon training programs are practical programs that are concerned with practical application and outcomes and consider real-life examples based on the nature of daily work in the first place, and academic in the second place that spur the progress of the Company

Below are some of the training programs offered by

Al Jeon Professional Training & Development Center: :

1. Basic Excel Skills Programs ( 2 Levels )

2. Advanced Excel Skills Programs ( 2 Levels )

3. Solutions Creation using Excel

4. Soft skills (communication, empathy, delegation, flexibility, teamwork, problem - solving, leadership).

5. BLS ( SOON )

6. Radiation safety ( SOON )

7. ISO 9001 ( Quality Management )

8 , ISO 45001 ( Health and professional Safety )

9. HACCP / ISO 22000 ( Food Safety )

10. ISO 14001 ( Environment Management Systems )

11. Leadership and management training

12. Developing management skills

13. Performance and KPI management

14. Strategic thinking and planning

15. Creative problem solving and decision making

16. Event management

17. Conflict resolution

18. Planning & Organizing Skills - Achieving Your Key Priorities

19. Career Development and Succession Planning

20. Internet Eriquette and communication skills

20. Internet Eriquette and communication skills

21. Empowering the Workplace for Greater Impact

22. Logistics Management