Healthcare Accreditation

Al Jeion foundation is a management development organization aiming to provide services to healthcare facilities.

One of the main services provided by Al Jeion foundation is healthcare accreditation. Al Jeion is partnered
with the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) to deliver a world-class accreditation serving
the healthcare sector in the UAE and the middle-east. The (AACI) is awarded by ISQua’s international
accreditation program (IAP) for all three types: Standards, external evaluation organization
and Surveyor training programs

Assessors & Follow-up

Al Jeion is bound to deliver the highest level of customer service by providing unmatched quality and focus
on the little details. We understand the level of complexity of the healthcare sector in the UAE and every bit of
requirement by the regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. Al Jeion service is an ongoing process
based on mutual interest as the prosperity and success of our clients is the only way to measure our success.
That’s why our relationship with the client goes above and beyond the services being provided.

Our teams of qualified local and international experts are handpicked for each project to make sure
we provide services that are customized to suit specific client requirements. The Assessors teams are
licensed professionals with years of experience not only in healthcare accreditation but also in the
fields of medicine provided by the client facilities. Al Jeion unique approach to the assessor’s selection
and training is the best way to address the unique nature of the healthcare sector in the UAE.

List of healthcare accreditation services provided by Al Jeion