Al Jeon Management Consulting offers the best tailor-made management services in the country, where many years of experience in administrative work are combined, with the latest scientific and technical advancements, practical tools and theories, to raise the administrative level of all private and governmental institutions and companies, whether small or large.

Pearls / Customer Focus

“Al-Jeon” is a UAE local name given for the rarest and purest type of pearls which is distinguished for its perfectly round shape, bright colours, and free of impurities. In Al Jeon Management Consulting, we care about all the practical procedures that serve the client’s interest and inquiries in line with the nature of work, with extreme accuracy, free from impurities and errors, presented with a simple template and an attractive presentation that is easy to understand and apply, to reflect both the employees and clients a mental image and impression that indicates high professionalism and outstanding service, which is reflected in the high institutional value, just like Al Jeon pearl.
We provide a diversified portfolio of administrative and technical solutions in the areas of quality, health and safety and environment, management of medical facilities, food safety, product quality inspection and registration services, and professional training. The management solutions of Al Jeon Foundation are based on exploring and inspecting the gaps and indicators of administrative shortcomings, and working on formulating customized solutions to target these indicators to enhance productivity through the more efficient utilization of the available technical resources and capabilities.

Professionalism / Social Responsibility

Al Jeon institution and its staff always care and value their clients and put their interest in mind, and aspire to be one of the best institutions in the service sector, through continued and sustainable development and hardworking, to make a positive and marked difference among institutions and society as a whole, to raise the level that befits the status of the UAE and its great people

Our Mission

To work, as a multiple speciality management consultants, access the latest innovations in management solutions and present them in a template of practical implementations, to enable clients to reach the highest possible levels of efficiency, through professional development and optimal use of resources.


To be recognized as the Leading reference to all healthcare facilities and professionals in the UAE

Our Values / Customer Focus

Al Jeon was built upon our core values embodied in integrity, sustainability, and hardworking. which applies clear standards to the institution behaviour, working within the highest professional ethical standards. Al Jeon considers the success of its clients to be the key measure to its own success through offering the best quality services. We always aspire and strive to fulfil the needs of our client’s and to exceed their expectations as the client’s interest comes first

Quality, Development, and Sustainability Are Our Top Priorities

We evaluate our strategic partnerships, and deal with the core objectives of each project, considering the diverse cultural backgrounds of all individuals.
Working with any entity means working with their different employees and different personalities from different cultural and scientific backgrounds, capabilities, and expertise. Therefore, and since we believe that development begins with people, we work hand in hand and personally to improve and boost individual’s confidence in their capabilities through enhancing them scientifically and professionally, throughout our training programs that are approved by several esteemed international and local training and education regulators, to complete the circle and reach the best results, and ensure work sustainability.